I’m a mother, wife, teacher, and enthusiastic supporter of living cleanly. I have two children; my son is 3 and my daughter is One. My family is my world; they are the reason I have removed all chemicals, additives, and toxic ingredients from our lives. It all started when my son was a baby and I replaced my commercial all purpose cleaner with a Norwex EnviroCloth. Fast forward 3 years and I’ve replaced all my cleaning products and medical over the counter drugs with dōTERRA essential oils, Norwex products, a little DIY.

Life is expensive! And in effort to help, I’ve started doing more things myself. I’m not always successful, but that’s part of learning. I’ve made my first Halloween costume, whipped up some body butter, and mixed up some essentially awesome Christmas gifts. 😉  My husband and I joke about how crazy life is right now, sometimes we share a tear, but usually it’s a belly laugh.

Why do I do all of this? Because I love my family, and I want to make the best choices for their health and happiness. Even though it can seem like a lot more work, as with anything that is difficult, the rewards are far greater. I know that I’m saving money, I’m learning a new skill, my children are safe, and my family home is clean as well as toxic free. I can breathe freely and I want the same for you.

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is my place for sharing stories about living toxic free, eating cleanly, and finding the pleasure in raising a little boy and baby girl while remaining happy, and in love.

I look forward to sharing my story with you.